Welcome to Taras Shevchenko National University-OU, KNU was founded in 1834. Today is ranked among the top 500 universities in the world with ca. 30.000 students


Established in 1834, the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv has a rich historical background dating back for around 200 years. Was ranked one of the best 3 Universities in the USSR and today ranked one of the Top 50 Europe (Central and Eastern Europe).

The University has undergone a number of name changes and been built from the ground up on more than one occasion. Today it stands as a testament to the endurance and the belief in a quality tertiary education for the people of Kyiv as well as foreign students who study there. This contemporary educational and research facility currently offers 14 Junior Specialist qualifications, 55 Bachelor degree programs, 49 Specialist training programs and 98 Masters Degree qualifications. With around 30.000 thousand students of the facility are privileged to work on the cutting edge of academic thought, theories and research. Recent years have seen 1645 students obtain postgraduate degrees with 125 continuing their education to obtain their PhDs. More than 350 doctoral and postgraduate thesis submissions are received annually.

The foundation that makes this institute the prominent educational facility that it is, are the highly qualified staff that provide the courses for the 198 Departments. There are currently 1645 staff members with postgraduate degrees, 626 Ph.D.-qualified staff members as well as 60 members of the national academy of Science in the Ukraine. Some of the staff achievements include the State Prize in Science and Technology, National Academy of Science Awards, Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Orders of Merit, Honoured Educationalist of the Ukraine titles as well as Presidential awards for young academics. Young, talented scientists in the scientific and technological development and basic and applied research have received awards issued by the Ukrainian Parliament as well.

The University was granted National status in April 1994 with further autonomy being granted in 1999 and 2008 cementing the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev as the main educational and research facility in the Ukraine for the teaching of higher educational programs. The Cabinet Ministers of the Ukraine granted the University self-governing status and granted funding for development of the facility.

The faculties of the University are Chemistry, Cybernetics, Economics, Electronics and computer systems, Geography, History, Information Technology, Law, Mechanics and Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Radio Physics, and Sociology. There are currently 8 institutes (Military Academy, State Security Department, High Technology Centre, Institute of Journalism, Institute of Internal Relations, Institute of Geology, Institute of Linguistics and the Postgraduate Educational Centre and 1 training and research center (the Institute of Biology). There are 2 Colleges namely the Geological Exploration College and the Optical and Mechanical College. The University also houses the Ukrainian Physical and Mathematical Lyceum. Other facilities available at the Kyiv University include a Geological and Zoological Museum, University History Museum, Inter-faculty Linguistics Museum, Ukrainian Studies Centre, Observatory for Astronomy studies, Informatics Centre, Maksymovych Academic Library and a reprographics and publishing unit. There are currently more than 3,362,359 documents held in inventory at Kyiv University.

A number of students are comfortably housed at the residences on campus. Students may also take advantage of the cafeteria, dance halls, computer club, health spa and sports facilities offered by the University. Students from all over the world are able to attend courses at the University and more than 935 foreign students are currently enrolled here. The University has connections with educational facilities in 57 countries, totaling more than 227 foreign scientific and educational institutions. The University plays host to lecturers from 32 countries and more than 180 foreign academics from across the globe for collaboration in research, conferences as well as guest lectures. Students, researchers, and lecturers from the University also travel abroad, seeing 1500 associated persons visit more than 59 countries outside of the Ukraine. More than 1000 of these traveled for academic conferences, training or research. The University is dedicated to improving the welfare and prosperity of the Ukraine and welcomes all students who seek to be educated under its roof.

Students interested in studying KNU Open University must be living outside Ukraine and do not have Ukrainian passport. The KNU Open University is available only for students who are wishing to graduate from a prestigious European university and are unable to come to Ukraine.